Do you want to try something different? Or are you trans yourself (with or without dysphoria)? Are you nervous because of erectile difficulty for example? Is this your first time? Don't worry!  You don't need to be nervous with me :) And hey, even I can be sensitive when it comes to seriously talking I do not have limits when it comes to humor. So we can joke about everything if you want so! :) 

I'm 27 years old pansexual ( = attracted to every genders, agender people and those who don't but themselves to those boxes at all) agender. I have a pussy and "a dick" that is grown by testosterone. My dick is only few centimetres so I can't use it for penetration. But I use prosthesis so you can choose what kind of dick you want to get! 

My services:

- penetration (I'm versatile)

- fingering / jerking off 

- fist fuck for you

- oral sex (with condom / dental dam)

- watching jerking off 

- touching your erogenous zones / your body

- wax play for you

- ice cube play for you (only outcall so please freeze them in time)

- tickling for you

- enema for you

- group sex / couples / polyamorous people

From gentle to rough - it's your decision! Or will it arouse you if either of us is indifferent? Do you have some longer fantasy, some specific story that you want to be part of? Let me know!

I have dicks and also other sex toys for you and if you want to I can also use your own toys. But when I penetrate you with dicks those dicks will be my own. I use them as they are used: with harness, not with my hands. I will not use my dicks for penetrate my pussy. I have toys for that. 

You can take photos and videos. Photos: 30€ (include VAT 24%), videos: 80€ (include VAT 24%). You can take them as many as you want to, but I will make the decision when you can take them. 

I'm amateur photographer myself so you can also be my model! Please note I'm not professional. You will get lightly edited photos to yourself and I can also publish them online if you want so. No photo manipulation, no videos. From 1 hour. I will take my time, I like to take photos carefully. If you want to take photos fast and keep other things as our priority you can take photos by yourself. The place, lightning etc. need to be suitable. Normal price, no extra charge. Photos in my website are taken and edited by me. 

I will NOT:

- submit

- receive anal sex

- kiss

- massage

- offer enbyfriend experience

- wear uniforms 

- do pee / scat / vomit play

- dirty talk 

- deep throat

Unfortunately you can't touch my feet either.

Do you want something you can't find from either of the list? Message me! 

We will use condom / dental dam all the time. I will not take pussy juice / cum etc. to my face or to my genitals. I may squirt without warning.

I usually have very short hair and sometimes I'm bald. I have a beard. I use men's clothes. You can choose about my styles if you want to!  Please remember you can choose the style. I will choose specific clothes. 

You must be at least 18 years old.

You don't need to be sober if that is not the way you enjoy the most! 

Please be shower fresh and perfume free!

Please be respectful. I will not answer for rude messages. I will not answer also if I can see you didn't read this text / my websites. 

Only outcall!
conurbation we will meet at your door / front of your house / front of the hotel etc. Outside of the conurbation we will meet in some public place. If there are several people I will meet you all outside. Please let me know if you have some disability that makes you unable to come outside. There are 10 minutes extra when we meet in conurbation and 20 minutes extra when we meet outside of the conurbation. That's for getting inside. (For example you have made two hours appointment starting at 6 PM and you live in conurbation. So we will meet at 6 PM but I will go home 8.10 PM. You will pay for two hours.) So you won't pay for getting inside. Our meeting won't last longer if you haven't take a shower before or if you wear a perfume.  

I reserve the right to cancel our meeting or leave during it if you're aggressive, rude or if your behavior is somehow threatening. In those cases I will not refund the money.

You can meet me from afternoon to midnight depending where we meet (for ethical reasons I only use public transport). Message me and ask about it!

Our meeting starts at the time we agreed. So if you're late you will pay for that time too and I will go to home in the time we agreed. If you're late I will try to message you. Then I will wait 20 minutes and if you are not still there I will go home. 

Cancellations at least 24 hours before!

What if I get sick? In this case, we will postpone the time or, if you wish, you can also cancel it completely. If you have paid already please let me know your bank account number so I will return the money to you.  If I have to cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment, I will not pay monetary compensation to you, but you will receive a -50% discount code that is valid for one year.

I don't have a smart phone so after email messages we will use text messages. Please contact me in good time! I read emails on average once a day, so on the same day the appointment practically never succeed.

Please refer to me by using gender-neutral language. My pronouns are they / them. You can call me agender, non-binary person, enby, trans person, guy or buddy. 

The corona virus: if you have a flu or if you are in quarantine let's postpone the time