- every genders (including every ways to express your gender)

- every sexes

I understand you don't need to have the dysphoria for being a trans so I will see you in the way you really are. As in person and also when it comes to your body. So if you have a beard and you're wearing men's clothes for example and you tell me you're a woman I will see you as a woman. If you tell me you have a penis I will see you with the penis. I also understand cis people may have dysphoria so I will treat you with the same sensitivity.

- every ages (at least 18 years old)

- every sizes and looks

- every ethnicities

- every nationalities

- every civil status

- individual persons, couples, polyamorous people and friends 

I haven't  work with people with disabilities but if that is not a problem for you you're welcome to meet me :)

So you need to be respectful, shower fresh and perfume free, that's all! :)

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