Why you show your face?

Sexuality is a beautiful thing, it shouldn't be a taboo. I'm proud of my profession. I'm proud of living my life as I want to. This is legal profession and I pay my taxes. I create enjoyment and happiness and I harm no one. So why should I hide my face?

How about my privacy?

Everything that happens stay between you and me. If we meet somewhere else I act like I don't know you (let me know if that is not what you want). If you use bank transfer nothing will tell you paid for sex.

Is this a hobby for you? Is this your only job?

No, this is not a hobby. And no, this is not my only job (I don't hide this profession there). 

Can we fuck without condom or can I get something else you have told you won't offer?


Not even my STD test results just came back negative? Not even now when we have meet several times? How about if I pay extra? Not even I promise you will enjoy it too?

Nope, no exceptions.

Can I pay in any other way than cash (drugs, services etc.)?

No you can't.

Can I get a discount?

Conscripts, students, the unemployed and pensioners: all prices -25%

Completely laid off: all prices -10%

I'm straight / gay / lesbian. Is it okay for you? How about me, will I still be straight / gay / lesbian?

It doesn't bother me as long as you understand I'm agender, not a man nor a woman. Words are for people, not the other way. Your sexuality is your private thing, you don't need to speak about it and you don't need to justify it. If you ask me I think if you're mostly straight / gay / lesbian it is totally okay use that term. It's also totally okay realize that the term you used before wasn't the right one or completely right one for you. Have you heard about straight-, gay and lesbianflexible? Or could you be straight-, gay or lesbianromantic but for example bi-, pan, poly or omnisexual? (Polysexual = sexually attracted to several genders. Polyamorous = person who can love more than one person.) 

We have had so nice together. Can I ask you a free date?

No, I only meet my clients when I'm working. Also I'm aromantic so I don't have romantic feelings.