Do you want to be tied (not shibari) while I penetrate or fist fuck you? Or do you want to be my toy that I use just the way that please me? Do you like needles, wax or ice cubes? How about if I jerk you off and then make you eat your own cum? Or maybe I won't stop after one cumming.. How long you can take it? ;) Or maybe I won't touch you at all, maybe I just tease you until you beg me to touch you..

Or let me know you own fantasy / fetish! It's okay if this is your first time when it comes to submitting or fucking. Let's find out what please you :)

I won't spank you and I don't do pee, scat or vomit play. You can't touch my feet. 
I also don't cause permanent marks / injuries or submit myself.

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